CCH iFirm - Better manage your practice and boost your efficiency with the CCH iFirm ecosystem

CCH iFirm is cloud-based software that equips accounting practitioners with the tools they need to integrate, monitor and streamline all the key facets of their business. It is a collection of online applications that combine the power of integration, automation and collaboration to create new opportunities for streamlined workflow (including tax compliance workflow), as well as for the implementation of more effective invoicing programs and better capacity planning without increased costs.

The advantages of adopting better practice management accounting software

With practice manager software for accountants, it’s possible to reshape the way your business manipulates its data, handles billing, and completes jobs for clients. Think about how many different programs the teams in your business use right now. What if you could have everything in one place instead? The advantages of a better practice management solution are clear:

  • You save time. Work smarter, not harder.
  • You save money. Redirect your budget towards other necessary improvements.
  • You increase client satisfaction. With faster results, you can pass on real gains to your clients

Testimonial: Case Study-Testimonial for iFirm-3.pdf 

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