This publication provides a handy references and comprehensive explanation from Hong Kong tax perspective. It includes practical and up-to-date information on the concepts governing taxation of companies, businesses, individuals, partnerships, clubs and associations in Hong Kong.


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1.     Hong Kong Tax in Brief • Checklists & Tables

2.     Property Tax

3.     Salaries Tax • Personal Allowances

4.     Profits Tax

5.     Depreciation & Other Capital Allowances

6.     Returns • Assessment • Anti-avoidance

7.     Payment • Provisional Tax • Double Tax Relief

8.     Objections • Appeals • Offences & Penalties

9.     Stamp Duty

10.   Estate Duty

11.   Domestic Tax Planning

12.   International Tax Planning

13.   Financial Services

14.   Tax Forms

15.   Pending Developments

16.   Index • Finding Lists


  • Updated 4 times a year to keep abreast with the Hong Kong tax environment.
  • Included detailed Table of Contents which covered all topics in Hong Kong tax.
  • Provided summaries of relevant cases that help to understand background, facts and court judgements in one glance.
  • Completely up-to-date and important cases decisions are included in the commentary.
  • Written in plain English covering every single topic in Hong Kong tax.
  • The user-friendly tables on tax rates, charts and checklists are handy reference tools.
  • Worked and well illustrative examples make it easy to understand.
  • Helpful paragraph numbers, font use and colored tab in an easy-to-read and find format.
  • Contains user-friendly indexes, section finding list and case table which ensure fast access to information.