With the SEHK’s Listing Rules being subject to constant review and revision, the author offers important updates on amendments and fresh regulations introduced since the first edition. Beginning with the basics – What is a public company? What is a stock exchange? Hong Kong Listed Companies: Law & Practice 2nd Edition works its way methodically through the SEHK’s many provisions for regulation and compliance. It is a volume of depth and substance which sets the standard for financial industry reference books.


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Key Features 

The new 2nd Edition delivers more than 400 pages of new, and up-to-date commentary in relation to the Hong Kong Listing Rules:-

These include but not limited to extensive changes to the sponsor regulatory regime introduced in 2013 and the major listing reforms in 2018 which added three new chapters (Chapter 8A, 18C and 19A) to the listing rules aimed at attracting the listing of Pre-revenue Biotech and Innovative Companies, including those with Weighted Voting Rights (WVR) structures and providing a new secondary listing route for companies primary listed on certain Qualifying Exchanges.

More recent listing reforms in 2021 – covering the listing regime for overseas issuers, Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPAC), the SEHK’s new Corporate Governance Code and the new requirements in relation to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) – are also highlighted.

How to handle ongoing obligations on listed companies under the Listing Rules.

Ongoing obligations on listed companies and their shareholders under other legislation, primarily the Securities and Futures Ordinance Cap. 671 (such as market misconduct, insider dealing, disclosure of interests).

Key Benefits

For participants and stakeholders engaged in stock market activities, this second edition of Hong Kong Listed Companies: Law & Practice 2nd Edition is an essential companion, providing the ultimate guide with regard to the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong’s (SEHK) exhaustive regulatory regime.

Easy to follow, with information presented in logical order and plain language, this publication, expertly updated by experienced corporate finance lawyer Julia Charlton serves as an invaluable guide for seasoned practitioners, in-house counsel, chartered governance professional, accountants, other practitioners and students who require an understanding of the legal background and practical application of the rules and legislation that apply to listed companies. Other benefits included but not limited to:

Reduces time wastage and increases productivity by serving as a step by step guide to the understanding of the Listing Rules, the Securities and Futures Ordinance and the Companies Ordinance

Provides concise commentary on the law to aid readers in determining the best approach to adopt in line with their business needs

Case studies, diagrams, flow charts ease the company secretary’s day to day workflow, by illustrating the rules and giving examples of their application.

Topics Covered

  • Overview of the Hong Kong Market for Listed Companies
  • Requirements for Listing
  • Routes to Listing
  • Dual Primary and Secondary Listings (New)
  • Listing Companies with Weighted Voting Rights (New)
  • Listing Pre-Revenue Biotech Companies (New)
  • Listing Mineral Companies
  • IPOs – Sponsors and other IPO Parties
  • The IPO Process
  • Responsibilities and Liability
  • Disclosure and other Continuing Obligations
  • Notifiable Transactions
  • Reverse Takeovers and Cash Companies (New)
  • Connected Transactions
  • Corporate Governance and Environmental, Social and Governance (New)
  • GEM Listing Requirements and Continuing Obligations
  • Market Misconduct
  • Disclosure of Interests