Following the fourth edition in 2011, this latest edition brings readers up-to-date with the legislative changes and new case law. In addition to the legal commentary it also includes: • Short "key practical takeaways" at the beginning of each chapter; • New chapters on Change of Ownership and Employee Incentive Schemes; • An analysis of the relevant impact of new legislation including the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance, the Competition Ordinance and the amendments to the Sex Discrimination Ordinance and Employment Ordinance; and • A review of critical case law developments including: º the implied duty of trust and confidence and how it relates to taking decisions to terminate; º whether or not a discretionary bonus is payable; and º the extension of Hong Kong law to individuals subject to non-Hong Kong contracts. Readers will find Hong Kong Employment Law easy to read and it will assist in-house lawyers, human resources professionals and those making business decisions in getting to grips with employment issues in Hong Kong.


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chapter 1 Legal System

chapter 2 Employment Ordinance

chapter 3 Employment Contract

chapter 4 Who is Employee

chapter 5 Employment  Relations

chapter 6 Immigration

chapter 7 Cross Border Employment

chapter 8 Employing Children Young Persons

chapter 9 Remuneration

chapter 10 Benefits Entitlements

chapter 11 EIS

chapter 12 Taxation

chapter 13 Managing Staff

chapter 14 Employee Compensation

chapter 15 Occupational Safety Health

chapter 16 Discrimation

chapter 17 Personal Data Privacy

chapter 18 Industrial Relations

chapter 19 Change of Business Ownership

chapter 20 Termination of Contract

chapter 21 Employee Departure

chapter 22 Retirement

chapter 23 Redundancies

chapter 24 Long Service Payments

chapter 25 Post Termination

chapter 26 Labour Disputes


(1) Step by step through the best-practice procedures that ensure full compliance with all relevant Hong Kong laws

(2) The book is organised by topics — situations you actually face — indexed to CCH’s easy-to-use numbering system, rather than by legislative clauses to help you find your answers as quickly as possible

(3) Case studies and worked examples — dozens of them — clearly illuminate just about any difficulty likely to arise in any employment situation