Hong Kong Company Secretary Checklist is an ideal quick reference including an introduction and explanation, a checklist of points to consider, procedures to follow, Companies Registry filing requirements and cross-references to relevant legislation and regulation. Written by Belinda Wong of Leader Corporate Services, who has more than 25 years of working experience in the company secretary field, the Hong Kong Company Secretary Checklist covers legislation, checklists, procedures step-by-step and useful tips on how to implement the best practice.


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This book is the essential tools for:

•    small and medium-sized companies who need to comply with the law but do not have a company secretary;

•    company secretaries who need a quick reference to the procedures required by the Listing Rules and legislation;

•    business managers who want to have an overview of the company secretary best practice; and

•     any lawyers who are in the company and commercial practice.

This work includes cross-references to the trusted Hong Kong Company Secretary’s Practice Manual (3rd Edition) and both complement each other to give a full understanding of the company secretary role.

Written clearly and concisely, readers will enjoy the guide’s detailed commentary and analysis and provide those in compliance roles with indispensable reference tools.