Hong Kong is one of the world’s most competitive and freest economies. By June 2022, there are 1,386,592 local companies and 14,481 non-Hong Kong companies registered in Hong Kong. Hong Kong company regime including the Company Ordinance (Cap 622) and Companies (Winding-up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance (Cap 22), as well as the legal principles established by company case law and a number of supplementary legislation, plays an important role in safeguarding Hong Kong economic development and well-being. HONG KONG COMPANY LAW CASES (HKCLC) offers a full collection of Hong Kong company law cases with juridical significance, as well as oversea company law cases involving Hong Kong companies. With headnotes reviewed by top company law barristers in Hong Kong, HKCLC is a reliable and authoritative material for legal professionals. HKCLC greatly enhances our users’ research efficiency and accuracy no matter in court room, in board meetings, or in daily work. To enable quick and easy access to information, full reproduction of whole judgment text, Bilingual catchwords, List of Legislation referred to in each case, and comprehensive indexes (including Subject Index, Case Table, Legislation Table and Section Finding List) are provided. What does the purchase include? Hard-cover bound book Editors: Honorary Chief Editor: The Hon. Mr Justice Jonathan Harris General Editors: William Wong SC and Look Chan Ho from Des Voeux Chambers


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Key Benefits 

◼ All-in-one and dedicated source of Company Law Cases in the jurisdiction.

◼ Full production of judgment, with headnote, English and Chinese catchwords, list of cases referred to, indexes etc

◼ Cover all company legislation that a company needs to comply with when doing business in HK.

◼ Online version vested with fantastic functions for research, interlinking to relevant cases within one click, case tree to ease understanding etc

Key Features

◼ Concise and essential – Headnote written by experts for experts

◼ Credibility and authoritativeness – Reviewed by Des Voeux Chambers and endorsed by Mr Justice Jonathan Harris

◼ Comprehensive and significant – Full collection of important local company law cases and offshore cases involving HK companies.

◼ Convenience and efficient – Available in print and on PrimeLaw.

Topics Covered

◼ Shareholders

◼ Shareholding and capital

◼ Company meeting

◼ Resolution

◼ Company listing

◼ Company books and accounts

◼ Company documentation

◼ Corporate governance

◼ Company restructure

◼ Company registry

◼ Directors and directors’ duties

◼ Insider dealing

◼ Shareholder remedies

◼ Bankruptcy

◼ Inspector

◼ Liquidator

◼ Insolvency and liquidation

◼ Receivers

◼ Winding up

Who should buy it?

◼ All legal professionals

◼ Company directors and secretary

◼ Students

◼ Parties interested in Hong Kong company law