China Global Online Legal Database – dedicated bilingual collection of laws and regulations which regulate the conduct of foreign businesses in the People’s Republic of China. It has been the authoritative and trusted law resources for investors for many years. It is an ideal reference for investors when they are engaged in negotiations with any Chinese business organisations or government divisions. China Global Online Legal Database contains legislation issued by the China’s central government and 34 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions since 1949. Content selection and translation are provided by a team with extensive knowledge of China’s legal system. Presented with English and Chinese texts, it allows for easy cross-referencing between the official legislation and the translation.


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China Global Online Legal Database consists of three modules available individually or as a complete set:

  • China Laws for Foreign Business – Business Regulations: A comprehensive bilingual collection of key business laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, covering all business topics such as constitution, contracts, joint ventures, foreign resident offices, exchange control, banking and finance, insurance, commercial arbitration, trademarks, copyright and patents, employment and labour, enterprises and companies, resources, environmental protection, vehicles and vessels, control and standards, and many other matters.
  • China Laws for Foreign Business – Special Zones & Cities: A compilation of laws and regulations issued by China’s Special Economic Zones and major cities. This service includes local laws issued by the local people’s congress and governments in the special investment areas of the People’s Republic of China.
  • China Laws for Foreign Business – Taxation & Customs: A comprehensive collection of Chinese taxation and customs laws that affects foreign businesses operating in china. it provides up-to-date information in relation to taxation for individuals, industrial and commercial entities, foreign enterprises, joint ventures, vehicles and vessels, accounting, customs, imports and exports, licensing, Customs inspection and quarantine, vessels and aircraft, exhibitions and trade samples, resources and petroleum, and many other matters.


  • Provides daily updates on the newly promulgated and revised Chinese legislation.
  • Displays official Chinese text and authoritative English translation side-by-side for comfortable referencing.
Call: (852) 2110-3060
Call: (852) 2110-3060