CBLG aims to equip readers with a comprehensive understanding of China’s dynamic legal developments. CBLG is designed to meet the needs of MNCs, legal firms, consultancy firms exploring business opportunities and operating in China. CBLG comprehensively explores 25 key topics involved in various forms of foreign investment in China, covering the legal framework, business environment, business laws and compliance, market access, corporate governance, human resources and taxation, intellectual property and technology transfer, insurance, regional differences, dispute settlement, and exit mechanism etc. It provides an in-depth analysis of the legal framework of 52 foreign-invested service industries in China, and analyses more than 300 laws and regulations and implementation rules for encouraging and supervising foreign investment in China. CBLG is updated regularly to keep customers abreast of current and future developments of the complex business laws in the PRC post-WTO. CBLG contains direct cross references to China Laws for Foreign Business.


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Chinese Legal System / Constitutional Law / Criminal Law / Civil Law / Business Organisations / Contract Law / Technology Transfer / Foreign Investment / Representative Offices / Foreign Exchange Control / Banking & Finance / Dispute Settlement / Bilateral Investment Treaties / Taxation / Insurance Law / Labour law / Intellectual Property / Customs / Import & Export / Countertrade / Land Law / Special Investment Areas / Precedents & Forms / Environmental Protection / Administrative Law


  • Extensive coverage of all essential topics in China business laws
  • Designed specially to meet the needs of both on-shore and off-shore professionals and businesses involved in the foreign investment process and the Chinese operating environment.
  • Content is presented timely, regularly and accurately
  • Concise & easy to use
  • Layout format makes cross-referencing to the Red Series-Business Regulation simple & easy


Jianfu Chen, BS (Dalian), LLM (Hon I) (Syd), PhD (Syd), is Professor at La Trobe university, Australia. He has wide legal practice experience in China and Australia. His main publications include From Administrative Authorization to Private Law: A Comparative Perspective of the Developing Civil Law in the People’s Republic of China (Dordrecht/Boston/London: Martinus Nijhoff Publisher, 1995); Chinese Law: Towards an Understanding of Chinese Law, Is Name and Developments (The Hague/London/bostonL Kluwe Law International, 1999); and numerous articles on Chinese and Australian Law.

Suiwa ke, LLB (La Trobe), LLM (Xi’an), is a consultant to Southland International Services Pty Ltd – a consultancy firm specializing in China-related business. She taught and practiced law in China before moving to Australia. She has published several articles on Chinese law and Western legal traditions.

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Email: HK-sales@wolterkluwer.com
Call: (852) 2110-3060