A Practical Guide to Initial Public Offering in Hong Kong 3rd Edition provides practical guidance for companies which are considering to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The Practical Guide starts by giving readers a general overview of the global IPO environment, the characteristics and latest development of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and then discusses key considerations of an IPO in the areas of Accounting, Tax, Internal Control, Corporate Governance, Sponsorship and Intellectual Property.


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Key Benefits 

  • This third edition is updated with insights on the latest development of IPO in Hong Kong. This Practical Guide can respond to some of the questions asked by owners, executives, and boards of directors in making the decision to go public. This Practical Guide is to help companies and the related parties successfully navigate this transition by providing a comprehensive overview of the IPO process in Hong Kong, addressing the most important aspects of planning, launching and completing a successful IPO.

Key Features

  • Expertly updated by the Capital Market Group of RSM Hong Kong, acting as the Lead Editor. Sponsorship Chapter updated by Charltons, a law firm specialised in Corporate Finance and the Intellectual Property Chapter prepared by ELLALAN, a law firm specialised in Intellectual Property
  • The listing requirements on the Main Board and GEM
  • Listing information related to Weighted Voting Rights (WVR) structure and pre-revenue biotech companies with reference to Chapter 18A of the Listing Rules
  • Expert comments on conclusions to HKEX consultation on the ‘Review of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Reporting Guide (ESG Guide) and Related Listing Rules’ (ESG Consultation Conclusions)
  • Hong Kong and China tax development and consideration in an IPO; transfer pricing documentation requirement
  • Common accounting and internal control issues encountered in the listing process
  • The listing process and documentation required for listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • Illustrative examples, case studies, diagrams, tables and flowcharts and dissects the IPO roadmap into layers to provide on in-depth analysis and better understanding of the issues that need to be considered in listing a company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • Contains user-friendly indexes, section finding list and case table which ensure fast access to information


Topics Covered

  • Thinking of an IPO
  • Overview of Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Listing in Hong Kong
  • Main Board and Growth Enterprise Market
  • Specific IPO Issues
  • Documents to be files for IPO Applications
  • The IPO Team
  • Hong Kong IPO Sponsorship
  • Tax Consideration in an IPO
  • Intellectual Property Consideration in an IPO
  • Strategic Considerations for Controlling Shareholders
  • Corporate Governance for Listing in Hong Kong
  • Post-IPO Considerations
  • Latest Development of IPO in Hong Kong


Target Audience

  • Accountants and business executives
  • Lawyers / In-house counsel
  • Tax professionals / In-house tax consultants
  • Chartered Governance Professional, Company Secretary
  • Accounting and Law Students
  • Parties interested in IPO in Hong Kong


List of Authors

RSM Hong Kong (https://www.rsm.global/hongkong/

Charltons (Chapter 7 – HK IPO Sponsorship) (https://www.charltonslaw.com/)

 ELLALAN (Chapter 9 – Intellectual Property Consideration in an IPO) (http://www.ellalan.com/