Wolters Kluwer has a breadth of reference tools for legal professionals of all stripes. Our clients span from solicitors and barristers to in-house counsel. With over 180 years of experience, we provide all-in-one solutions created by legal professionals for the legal professionals.

Hong Kong - Prime Law

Wolters Kluwer subscription products cover legislation, commentary, step-by-step guide, cases, in-depth analysis, e-newsletter, Q&A and workflow tools. The renowned Prime Law & Tax database is one of the most authoritative and trusted resources used by many leading professionals in Hong Kong. 

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China - Law & Reference 

It is a daunting task sometimes for lawyers to get the most updated information on legislations & cases and gather relevant value-added information in a time-efficient manner, particularly for the ever-changing China market. With China Law & Reference Online Database, you can solve all the problems in one click. 

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Asia Pacific - Employment Law

Asia Pacific Employment Law saves research time by providing you with to up-to-date content, legislation and comparative tables in addition to guide on legal policies, letters and other documents which are in accordance to local country employment law requirements.

Asia Pacific Employment Law covers 14 major APAC economies. 

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Kluwer Law is one of the most complete libraries on the web , Kluwer Law Online is your online gateway to Kluwer Law International publications.

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Kluwer Arbitration is the world’s leading, unrivalled and indispensable online resource for international arbitration research.

The platform enables you to quickly access our collection of arbitration materials and to make faster and more informed decisions.

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Kluwer Competition Law is an intuitive online research platform that combines unparalleled breadth of analysis and  primary content to help professionals find answers with ease and speed. Retaining the focus on the European Union for  which it is renowned, the service increasingly offers significant coverage of key competition jurisdictions around the world.

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Kluwer IP Law is Wolters Kluwer’s flagship service focused on all key IP law providing expert commentary and authored content from prominent practitioners and thought leaders. One source for  all IP law materials.

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Kluwer International Tax Law is a state of the art, intuitive research platform for Tax Professionals leveraging Wolters Kluwer’s top international content and practical tools providing answers. It provides practical information and country by country comparison of key internal tax topics for over 90 jurisdictions.

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Kleos - Made by lawyers, for lawyers

Kleos was launched to improve the way future-focused professionals work, knowing that leveraging technology is a key competitive advantage.

Now offered in ten different countries across Europe, Kleos is the first solution that exploits cloud and mobile technologies in a highly secure environment for managing documents, cases and the firm as a whole.

Built from the ground up by lawyers- for lawyers: Kleos is continuously improved based on professionals’ evolving needs: we listen to our customers, and appreciate all feedback as the best way to drive positive change.

We are proud to provide lawyers with a best-of-breed solution, and to support them in using it successfully.

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Legisway - Do more with less

Legisway legal management solutions enable legal departments to store, manage, audit, report and collaborate on all their legal information in a single source of truth. Connecting legal intelligence with expert solutions, Legisway helps legal teams to provide value and enable business growth.  

Legisway all-in-one legal management software solutions centralise legal information and structure processes so that legal teams are in control and able to focus on strategic work. With Legisway, legal professionals can boost efficiency, increase collaboration and position the legal department as a catalyst for business growth, prepared for the challenges of tomorrow, today.