CCH iKnowConnect – Australian Income Tax

Combining deep expert knowledge from experienced tax and accounting professionals, and a full suite of integrated source material and analysis, to help you quickly and easily address complex income tax matters.

Essential go-to resource for tax professionals, linking legislation, commentary, cases and rulings in a central destination

Our in-depth coverage available in CCH iKnowConnect has been designed for tax accountants, advisors and tax lawyers.The income tax practice area comprehensively covers income tax, including both ITAA 1936 and ITAA 1997 as well as related tax issues, such as tax administration and compliance, superannuation guarantee and tax agent regulation.

Australian Master Tax Guide

Included is an online and fully searchable copy of the Australian Master Tax Guide.

A faster, more accurate search experience

With content created for the online user, CCH iKnowConnect delivers curated search results so you can find the right answer faster, providing a more efficient research experience.

360° navigation

If you prefer to begin research with legislation, our powerful 360° view of key legislation connects each provision with the best and most relevant content – including related legislation, in-depth commentary, cases, and regulatory resources.


Access to all relevant legislation, including:

  • ITAA 1936
  • ITAA 1997
  • Taxation Administration Act 1953
  • Tax Agent Services Act 2009
  • Superannuation guarantee legislation
  • Amending bills and explanatory material

Expansive case library

CCH iKnowConnect includes over 9,000 tax cases, from the High Court, Federal Court, state and territory Supreme Courts, and Administrative Appeals Tribunal dating back to 1927.Our integration with AustLii also ensures you have seamless access to the largest source of case-related information. 

In-depth analysis and commentary

Our commentary is written by tax professionals, for tax professionals. The income tax practice area provides in-depth analysis in an annotated commentary service for the income tax legislation, seamlessly linking to key source materials including legislation, bills, tax rulings and cases. 

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